Recommended Reading

     1.  Books on the Holy Quran:
     2.  Books on Islamic Fiqh:
  •  Al-Maqasid: Nawawi's Manual of Islam 
    • Translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller; an excellent source on Islamic fundamentals such as prayer and fasting from one of the most famous scholars in Islamic history, the Shafi'i scholar Imam Nawawi
     3.  Books on Islamic History:
  • Muhammad: Prophet and Statesman
    • By W. Montgomery Watt; another biography written by a non-Muslim scholar; while show-casing occasional western and orientalist bias, this is nevertheless a good biography
     4.  Books on Comparative Religion:
     5.  Other Books on Islam:
  • The Approach of Armageddon? An Islamic Perspective
    • By Muhammad Hisham Kabbani; An excellent book discussing the signs of the coming of the Day of Judgment, highlighting some of the amazing prophecies which have certainly been fulfilled in our time;  the only weakness in the book, in my opinion, are certain extreme Sufi beliefs of the author. 
  • The Concise Collection on Creed and Tauhid
    • Compiled by Darussalam; a collection of works on the all-important topic of Tauhid (the belief in the Oneness of Allah); the works included in this compendium are "Kitab At-Tauhid" (by Sheik Muhammad bin 'Abdul-Wahhab) , "Religious Fundamentals" (by Sheik Muhammad bin 'Abdul-Wahhab), "The Virtue of Tauhid and a Warning Against What Contradicts It" (by the Darussalam Research Division), "The Authentic Creed and Invalidators of Islam" (by Sheik 'Abdul-'Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz), "Islamic Creed Based on Qur'an and Sunnah" (by Sheik Muhammad bin Jamil Zino) and "50 Questions and Answers on Islamic Monotheism" (by the Darussalam Research Division) - (Highly Recommended)
  • The Creed of Imam Al-Tahawi
    • By Imam Abu Ja'far Al-Tahawi; translated by Hamza Yusuf; a must-read for every Muslim and for any non-Muslim who is interested in the Islamic creed, written by the famous scholar Imam Al-Tahawi (853-933 CE/239-321 AH) - (Highly Recommended) 
  • The Name and the Named
    • By Sheik Tosun Bayrak; this book discusses the 99 Names/Attributes of Allah - (Highly Recommended)
     5.  Books on Christianity:
         6.  Other Recommended Works (Various Subjects):
    • Fiction
    • History
    • Science
        • By Dr. Jonathan Wells; an excellent discussion of some of the most common "proofs" of Darwinian evolution that are taught to biology students but which are actually fraught with troubling scientific problems - (Highly recommended)